Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hybrid Car Site

Today my 14 year old reminded me of a promise made seven years ago to give him the keys to my Volvo upon his 16th birthday. That reminder prompted me to start thinking about what I will replace my ride with in 2010. I generally prefer European made cars, but have seriously thought about shifting to those made in Japan, given their solid reputations. I'm not exactly sold on the Toyota Prius stylistically, so I'm still mulling over this car buying decision. Fortunately today, I found this website, which is all about hybrid vehicles. This should help to get me off to a good start in my search for new wheels in a few years. Check it out. Hybrid Car - Hybrid Car Home -

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Ana said...

How cool is that! I'm going to check out that site. How are you doing Ms Lady? It's been a while since we've communicated. I sent you an email quite a while ago, but I don't think you must have got it. thanks for the well wishes for the new job! I love that you want to get your master in sustainability. that's awesome! I wish the univ had that study. Anyway, my friend I hope all is well.