Monday, September 22, 2008

National Day of Action: Cleveland Walking the Walk

Hey! There is some good news to report. Some of my fellow black and green friends, Mike and Veronica Walton (we are one of about five black people in the city that show up at environmental events) were so inspired by my post promoting the Green For All National Day of Action, that they coordinated a green jobs event in Cleveland. The event will be held this Saturday, September 27th at the Hitchcock Center for Women and will raise awareness of and demonstrate green jobs. Many of the participants will be men and women in addiction recovery and job re-entry from incarceration. Some of the jobs that will be highlighted will be Green Roof Technology, Rain barrel and Rain Garden installation, Permeable Pavement as well as information about jobs in renewable energy such as solar and wind turbine installation/manufacturing. I wish I could have been more involved in the planning, but you can't do everything. If I can remember to charge my camera, I will share a video of the event this weekend on Black and Into Green.

Peace! Green jobs now!!

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