Sunday, September 14, 2008

Reuse: Find a Quality Thrift Store Near You

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. I don't know about you, but I am not the kind of person that takes kindly to having to pick through items to find things that I like, so while I have found some good deals at thrift stores in my attempts to save money while saving the environment, I am not too excited by the prospect of shopping at them. I just found this website through the BohoMag page, that will take some of the guess work out of shopping at these stores. The Thrift Shopper is an online directory that provides information about locations and user ratings of thrift stores. There is even a link to a blog that covers high fashion and Goodwill shopping (never thought those two would pair up well). Happy hunting!

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Shopping Golightly said...

Thank you for talking thrift!

I started a blog, The Thrifty Chicks, dedicated to the art of reuse and repurposing in late October. At the top of left of the blog is a slide show of 90 (soon to be 100) items, the 2009 Gift Guide. I averaged $4.50 per holiday gift and I either gave new items or antiques. Talk about low carbon footprint holidays!

Below the gift guide is a listing of posts that will turn any thrift novice into a master. I offer how to recalibrate the retail mind to the zen of thrift. They are, after all, two different markets. We explain how to devise a thrifting routine. Routinely stopping by the thrift store is key because inventory moves so fast. And, I offer in store tips, which are very specific and easy to follow. There are 35.

I consider myself an advocate for reuse and repurposing. Americans can no longer look to the factories on the other side of the world and selfishly demand “More!” How about we learn to manage what we have, which is hardly slim pickin’s.

I even added to the listing for “thrifting” in Wikipedia because it was so darn empty. Pathetic no?

Ms Shopping Golightly of The Thrifty Chicks