Monday, May 25, 2009

Get Your Green Cred Through Community Service

Hey! If President Barack Hussein Obama could gain enough experience to the lead the most powerful nation in the world through community service (a Harvard Law degree didn't heart either), surely you can develop your green leadership credentials through the grassroots as well (grassroots is such an appropriate word)! Learn more about green volunteering opportunities through Bright Green Talent founder, Carolyn Mansfield's article which highlights "21 Places To Look For Green Volunteering Opportunities". You can join her group on Linked In for more great tips.

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Organic Food said...

I think we all should go green when it comes to our food. We have been eating organic food for 7 months now and we love it. But i think we should have the right to chose. The green movement has several classes within it. #1 who does it for health reasons and getting off the FDA and USDA chemicals. #2 the super class like Gore who has become super rich by creating a problem and having the cure at the same time. The bankers have been doing this for hundreds of years. Take the Organic Food Challenge