Sunday, May 3, 2009

Green At Work and I Mean Green

Hello friends! I apologize for not posting this weekend, I have been preparing for a busy week ahead working in the great outdoors. This week, I am trading the pumps for some Tims, the pinstripe suits for track suits the Blackberry for actual blackberries and paperwork for trees. Did I dump corporate life for good? No. I am participating in a three day leadership development program at the Joy Outdoor Education Center. As much as I don't like being away from my baby and my king size bed, I am definitely looking forward to getting out in the woods, rainy weather and all -you know I did purchase some special head gear from Dick's to protect the do! Wish me luck in climbing the high ropes, getting over the 12 foot wall and a myriad of other team and character building activities.

I'm not taking the laptop, so I will try to sneak in some comments via Twitter over the next few days.

Have a great green week and Happy Mothers Day!

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