Sunday, June 21, 2009

Do What I Wanna Do Week

First of all happy Father's Day to all the big poppas out there! We especially appreciate you earth sensitive fellas. Keep up the good work. Now that I have dropped my son Michael off at an OSU business camp for a week, I have gained control of the laptop again! Woo hoo (missing the exclamation point, because a certain 15 year old spilled water on the laptop, tried to dry it with a blow dryer and melted the number one/exclamation mark key and the tab button, so I have to hit the key a million times to yield a result). When you have a teenager, you will find yourself pining for your laptop, digital camera, ipod, towels, cookies and a whole host of other stuff, this is why many parents breakdown and just get the kid their own stuff. So what am I planning to do with my week off of parenting? Here is the rundown:

  • Clean up the clothes room (some of you know what I'm talking about) and donate, compost or throw away items (I know. Boring.)
  • Work in my garden as long as I want with no pangs of guilt - planting a tree, some vines and some collards
  • Get caught up on my blogging (there is sooo much to tell you), writing and reading
  • Eat vegetarian meals every nite (I might just eat that bowl of black beans and rice until I run out)
  • Stay out as late as I want and work out at the gym as late as I want
  • Help out the two grandma's with their chores (one is moving, the other has a driveway full of mulch that needs to be placed)
  • Work late (ugh)
  • Text my Michael every day to see how his day is going (try to restrain myself and text only once a day)

This isn't the most exciting weekly agenda, but to a parent, it's a little slice of heaven (exclamation point)

I wish you an awesome green week too (exclamation point)

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