Sunday, June 28, 2009

Waxman-Markey Climate Change Votes

Click here to determine how your representative voted on this historic piece of climate change legislation. Keep in mind that some Democrats may have voted against the bill due to the fact that they live in states rich in coal and oil, you must convince them that alternative energy is the right way to go for our economy, our future and our national security. To arm yourselves with knowledge read, Green Prosperity: How Clean Energy Policy Can Fight Poverty and Raise Living Standards in the United States. Noting the funding sources of the report, there are probably some biases towards clean energy, but these will just offset the aggressive advertising you are likely to see sponsored by the oil and coal companies in the next few months, as they seek to protect their interests. Diverse and disadvantaged populations will probably be the target of these ads, as they try to frighten us with tales of high prices and loss of jobs. Heck, we are already paying high prices because of the nature of our housing stock have borne the brunt of the millions of Americans laid off in the last year. Where are these coal mining companies and oil companies in our communities the other 350 days of the year? I am proud to say that my energy company is at least taking steps to get off of the coal train and experimenting with solar, wind and biofuels, although it was the result of federal action.

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