Sunday, September 13, 2009


Last week was my second round of eating doing a once a week raw diet. After hearing so many positive comments about the raw diet experience, I was curious. I liked it! I wasn't hungry and really didn't miss eating cooked food (except when I fried some fish for my son). So I decided to expand to two raw days a week, with this cold, I can use all the extra nutrients provided by a raw diet. As one who loves to cook or in this case prepare food, I picked up a cool book by Sarma Melingailis, "Living Raw Food, Get The Glow". I can't wait to prepare pistachio parsley salad, zucchini "pasta" with heirloom tomato and lemon-basil sauce and coleslaw with avocado mayonnaise. It is featured in the "Currently Reading" section of Black and Into Green. This book is enjoyable for more than it's recipes, I enjoyed reading about the author's journey and NY restaurant, Pure Food and Wine. Another great resource is the website, a bonanza of recipes. And finally Chocolateorchid has some great raw smoothie recipes featuring ch-ch-ch-chia seeds! Summer and fall harvests offer flavorful foods to experiment with and I am all about trying out new oils and nut butters, so I'm pretty pleased. I will let you know how it goes.


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