Monday, October 12, 2009

The Product Sustainability Index: Coming To A Company Near You

The Product Sustainability Index: It's Not just for Walmart Suppliers Walmart has already asked its suppliers to reduce packaging, now they are going for the green jugular, they want to know how sustainable they are too. Walmart being one of the biggest purchasers of goods in the world, will quickly move the green business football down the field with this move. I posted last year that this was coming, hopefully many of you prepared your businesses or your family's/friends about this great opportunity. It's not too late, the article features a checklist that you can use to get started down the road of becoming a greener, cleaner business. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions on this topic.

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Shopping Golightly said...

My dear Black and into Green,

I need your help. I need your vote. And, if you can manage it, a plug on your blog. Please see today's post of The Thrifty Chicks.

Extraordinary times calls for extraordinary actions. My family needs to see some income.

Shopping Golightly

Quiskaeya said...

I love what WALLY world is doing! Big ups to them.