Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sweeten up your diet with dates:

Sweeten up your diet with dates: When I was living with my grandma, I was only allowed to eat candy on Saturdays. When I was a teen, we discovered a health food store called Weber's that was right down the hill from where we lived. They carried nuts, chocolates (white, milk, dark), dried fruits, sesame candies - all kinds of goodies in a special glass case. It was at Weber's that I discovered the sticky deliciousness of dates. They were a regular part of my once a week fix, though I could eat them anytime. Well, I have come full circle, as Weber's has been a great resource for me as I go increasingly raw with my diet. The dates have gotten me over the hump in some of those tough raw moments when you need a snack or something sweet. In fact yesterday, lunch was not an option given my workload, so raw almonds and nuts gave me the energy needed to keep moving. I now even add them frequently to smoothies as a sweetener in place of honey or agave. In raw tomato sauces, they are used in the way brown sugar is used in cooked sauces. Be sure to click on the link in this article for more date recipes.


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Quiskaeya said...

I'm not crazy about the taste of date. There is a mid eastern treat that I can't remember the name right now. That's about the only thing I can really say I enjoy dates in. I'm going to give that article a look-see. Very recently I started researching the raw diet, so it's interesting that you are mentioned it. A lady at a women's business conference shared with me about a local raw store. The owners give lessons on cooking raw and allow you to sample some of their food. It's on my list of things I want to do.