Monday, October 12, 2009

Raw Food Update: Yummy Nut Cheezy Stuff

I think it is about a month that I have been raw curious. I'm still enjoying the journey and have increased the number of raw meals that I enjoy on a daily basis. My son has even partaken of some of the raw goodies, which include smoothies, rawvioli, mayonnaise and nut butters. Even better - the pants are fitting a bit looser baby! I wasn't even trying to lose weight. Flat stomachs and raw food go together. It takes a while to get your kitchen raw food ready, if you have a blender and food processor and eat a lot of veggies, you are 70 percent of the way there. A couple of good health food stores or even grocery stores (I'm still boycotting Whole Paycheck) will supply many of the raw nuts, seasonings and grains that you will need. The other stuff can be added over time (juicer, spiral slicer, dehydrator, unique seasonings and oils). I add new items with each paycheck. Okay, I'm getting sleepy, will post more cool raw stuff tomorrow.


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