Sunday, November 22, 2009

Agro-Imperialism: Africa's Resources Targeted

Let's see, at first it was spices, gold and bronze, then it was people, then came gold again and diamonds, followed by oil and now the latest grab for African resources is land to feed the hungry. Not the hungry people of Africa, but the very well fed and wealthy populations of the Middle East, most notably Saudi Arabia. We must realize that though some nations are very wealthy, they have minimal national sources of food and sometimes water, so when global food prices rise, there is a lot of nervousness. Many nations have invested in African land to provide for their agricultural needs. Hey, don't get me wrong, I think it would be great for investments to be made in African agriculture as long as these investments are good for the people and the planet. But history has shown that rarely do the people or the continent benefit from outside investments in its resources. How ironic is it that our ancestors were at one time shipped to other countries to work the fields and today things have progressed to the point that they can work the fields for minimal wages in their own country? I hope that African leaders and activists don't allow the continent to become the biggest plantation in world history. Click here to read more.


Shopping Golightly said...

We never learn do we. Most people have no idea that North American was once the Africa of the world when it came to the wilderness and diversity of wildlife. About 150 years ago, people, princes and kings came to the great west, wildlife, and tribal life on safari. I'll bet most Americans are completely unaware that there are still a few pockets of place where North American antelope still run free. Yeah, antelope in North American, I've seem them many times.

So, given that we raped the land, killed off most the wildlife, damned rivers for irrigation and moved tribes to reservations, why would we do this ALL OVER again on another continent? Especially when we have the infrastructure to deliver food to the world but DON'T! Why make the same irreparable mistakes all over again?

Sad how we are so species centric and think genocide is one of the worst things we, as people, can do. But the genocide of another species? Genocide of an complete ecosystem. Eh! There's money to be made. In many ways, isn't this the same thing as war?

Prospector said...

I'm so glad you include the plight of Africans in your blog. There are so many opportunities that could benefit ourselves, our African brothers and sisters and the environment, if we could only get it together.

I long for the day that we can organize a "Cocoa Mob"

based on the Carrotmob.
Keep up the great work. I be back :)

GLORIA said...

Thank you both for your comments and for caring. This is an issue we have to watch closely.