Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Earth Day Again, Already?

Man, Thursday will be the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day, and I have no exciting earthy green events planned. Bummer. I will be driving to Columbus, Ohio to attend a conference of school business officials. Next year, I must remember to take this day off. The conference won't be so bad, as a member of our local USGBC Green Schools Action Circle, I can check out the green vendor booths (there will be several) and ask the school treasurers about their energy efficiency plans. I will also enjoy seeing some of my clients from Northeast Ohio out of their offices for a change. In Ohio, all new public school buildings must be LEED certified, but there is a need for information about green curriculum and financing sources, so I will ask them about their plans in those areas. Anyway, back to Earth Day. Other than eat some raw food and develop some questions for my upcoming green biz panel at the Women's Summit, I think, I might have to sit this Earth Day out. Saturday is taken as I will be attending an African American Philanthropy Summit and Sunday is gone as, I will be attending my initiation into Jack and Jill of America. So I will have to live vicariously through your Earth Day experiences. What are your plans?

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