Saturday, April 17, 2010

Re-New Beginning: African American Owned Consignment Shop

Today after a 4G (4 generations - grandma, dad, me, son) brunch at one of Cleveland's best brunch spots, The Vine and Bean (also a green restaurant), we stumbled upon a consignment shop, which lo and behold, was owned by a black woman! Nice. I spotted a couple of items that I am going to go back for tomorrow, including a vintage, yellow, gingham shift dress with ruffles on the bottom. Actually my son spotted it as we were heading out (he has a good eye). It reminds me of something you would find at Anthropologie, but without the financial sacrifice and I'm certain, it wasn't made in China. I will take a photo of it for you to see next week. Consignment shops are great places to find shoes, bags, jewelry, hats and evening wear at great prices, in addition to the usual clothing items. This place even had a plus size room with lots of good stuff.

Check out the website:

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