Monday, September 10, 2012

Cool Green Jobs: Environmental Attorney

Communities seek ways to override state control of oil and gas drilling boom - Local News Reading this article gave me a sense of hope in the ability of the everyday average citizen to retain some control over their environment, especially as my state has become the darling of the drilling and fracking industry. The legal profession is often derided for it's excesses and greed, but the attorneys that are fighting for a safe, clean and balanced future for all species should be exempt from this comtempt. Most are very bright and have many options in the legal field that pay significantly more in pure dollars, but find their reward in pursuing loftier outcomes. Now this is a cool green job. I haven't made any final decisions on natural gas drilling and fracking as I don't feel as informed on the issue as I should, but I do feel that drilling and fracking should be off limits in parks and minimized in neighborhoods, especially given concerns around earthquakes and water quality. Leave it to a group of mothers to say enough is enough and take a stand for their beliefs! I love it!

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