Sunday, September 23, 2012

RIPE! Fun at the Botanical Garden

This weekend marke the third annual RIPE! Food and Garden Festival at the Cleveland Botanical Garden. I decided  to embrace the autumnal chilly temperature and rain to check out the festival for the first time. I couldn't be a respectable green and garden blogger without making an appearance at such a wonderful festival, right? I had a great time, learned a lot and stumbled upon a few unexpected Black and Into Green treasures. Thought I would share some of what one can find at a botanical garden, for those of you that haven't crossed visiting such a wonderful green wonderland off of your bucket list. LOL! (These are only just a small sample of stimulating sights and scents you will find.)
Tons of unique and native plants

Hummingbird feeders
Gorgeous flowers - zinnias featured here.

Workshops and gardening classes. I attended a lecture on incorporating fruit in your front garden.

Goodies! These are cookies passed out at the workshop filled with current preserves. Yum.

Fanciful seasonal decor.

Delicious food at the cafe. This was served at the workshop. Salad with ground cherries. An easy to grow annual fruit to put in your garden.

Toys for kids of all ages. These are cutie little insect banks, for those of you that aren't into pigs.

Great gifts at the gift shop and lots of tea accessories for sipping in the garden!

Amazing cookbooks. I purchased this one today. Check out the book below that I found at a used book sale in the garden library. Great find! "Lil brown baby with sparkling eyes."

Lots of material on going green.
Great garden and natural themed accessories for your home. I want all of these lamps below!

Cute seasonal decorating ideas.

Old school classics with new school themes.

Ipad accessories. LOL!

More decorating and landscaping ideas.

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