Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics

There is a movement to ban dangerous and possibly cancer and birth defect causing chemicals from personal care products. These products include aftershave, skin lighteners, hair dye, nail polish, chemical relaxers and hair gel. These are products that are frequently used by African Americans. I have provided a link to The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics' list of companies that signed a pledge to not use toxic chemicals in their products. Please consider switching to products used by these companies, especially if you have children or planning to have children. My personal favorite for female and male personal care products is The Body Shop. The company has a history of supporting women owned businesses from around the globe, using fair trade ingredients and not using animal testing. The products are pricey, but are of the highest quality and enjoyable to use. Burts Bee's also puts out a fine line of natural and safe products.

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