Friday, January 25, 2008

Carbon Footprint- Size Does Matter

Okay, I thought was doing at least a decent job of reducing my carbon footprint, until I used some of the calculators provided in this blog's Eco-Metric section. I was totally shocked (to be fair, I was warned in advance by two sites). One calculator determined that I am using almost 6 planets worth of resources and another one indicated that I use 9 tons of CO2 each year (above average in both cases). Although, I am doing many of the things noted on this blog, I apparently need to crank it up a bit. The biggest contributors to my environmental impact were in the area of transportation and consumption of animal products. As a salesperson, I log a lot of miles on the road. I will cut back on miles or at least be more efficient by going on joint calls with another banker. I will also try to use public transportation more often. When I am ready to purchase a new car, it will definitely be a hybrid. In the meat eating department- I currently only eat organic chicken, fish and dairy products, however, I will have to cut back on those items to reduce my footprint and for other reasons (refer my next post). Oh well, in both cases, I will be contributing to a positive bottom line for our planet and my pocketbook. It's all good.

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