Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Fresh and Green New Year

One of my goals for the year was to start a blog. The theme of this blog will be around my efforts to reduce my carbon footprint, be a more responsible world citizen in protecting the environment, and supporting safe and sustainable work environments for others. I think that my upbringing in the 70's on the west coast influenced my beliefs around sustainability and being considerate of the world that we share with others, humans and animals. I don't hear too many African Americans or Hispanics speaking about these kinds of issues, although, I have read stories of activists rallying against environmental racism. That is why I titled my blog Blackann2green. I like that name also because it can also because green can be interpreted as nature, environment and money. Black can be interepreted as being in the black or being profitable. We can respect, conserve and save the environment while also saving money.


D. Spencer said...

Dear G. Johnson,

I am starting a magazine called emPower. It is a news magazine geared to African Americans. It will be online in 2008 and 2009 and will go to print in 2010. I believe that it is important to teach African Americans about the realities of global warming and offers ways we can conserve energy and reuse our resources.

I am contacting you because I am looking for contributors for my publication, who are experts in their particular field. I know that you are very busy with your current projects; however, I would be delighted if you would offer your "green" expertise to emPower With it being a start-up, I have limited funds; however, contributors will:

1) have a short bio listed at the bottom of their article;
2) have a link from their byline to the contributors' page;
3) have a section on the contributors' page that will post their picture along with their name, a short bio (in first person), current/future projects (outside of emPower such as novel, personal blog, business ventures, etc.), Website (or blog) link, email address;
4) receive a monthly $10 Starbucks gift card; for non-coffee drinkers, they will have a choice of a Blockbuster gift card (enough for two movie) or a Subway gift card (just enough for a six-inch sub and meal); and
5) receive a free subscription of emPower magazine (printed), as long as they write for emPower.

Currently, I am a finalist for the Miller Entrepreneurs Series Business Plan Competition. I am flying to Chicago next week to present my business plan to a panel of national judges. If I'm in the top five, I will receive enough grant money to pay contributors later this year.

Please visit: to learn more me and my business. If you are interested, please let me know. We can then set up a conference call to discuss the details. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Thanks and enjoy your day,
D. Spencer
emPower magazine
Liu Karama Productions LLC

ElleX said...

I started from the Home page and worked my way back....I love your blog. Great information.

GLORIA said...

Thank you for your kind words Elle!