Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Blacks More Likely to Get Burned by Climate Change

It seems as though we are constantly on the front lines of one thing or another, poverty, families in crisis, health issues, crime, environmental racism and now climate change. Check out this report which explains out how blacks will be more deeply impacted by climate change. As temperatures rise, our cities will get hotter, because many of us live in sections of urban areas subject to the heat island affect, we will be faced with higher energy costs in an attempt to stay cool. In light of the rising trend in energy costs, many families and elderly will not be able to afford to stay cool and suffer increased risk of death from heat related illnesses. Water is another issue that could pose a problem as water shortages are expected to increase with the drier weather in southern and western cities. Chicago is actually addressing the heat island issue as they prepare for hotter temperatures in the years ahead. Initiatives include planting trees and adding reflective coatings to roof and pavement surfaces. What is your city doing?

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