Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Low Income Seniors for Sustainability

Just left an awesome senior citizen affordable housing complex that is going green. Literally. Last year gardens were started over what was previously acres of grass. Seniors embraced the gardening initiative with open arms. The results this year have been transformative not only for the grounds and wildlife, but for the residents themselves. The director reports a boost in self esteem and a sense of community from the seniors. This is important because often our elders feel depressed, suicidal and isolated. The garden is organic and the grounds are bursting with tomatoes, greens, herbs, eggplant, squash, berries, fruit trees and flowers. Rain barrels were being installed as I toured the complex. Plans are in play for composting food scraps and many other exciting green initiatives. Looks like our elders are paving the way for a brighter, beautiful, healthier future for all of us!
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