Saturday, July 26, 2008

Cognitive Dissonance: Go Green, Buy Clothes Made in China?

Anthropologie is one my favorite places to shop. The merchandise is a fun, funky, feminine, colorful and eclectic mix that provides lots of visual stimuli. You will even find a display of books, candles and kitchenware promoting an eco-friendly lifestyle. However, I found it frustrating in my last few excursions there, to find the all of the clothes were made in China or India. Not much luck finding organic on the website either (except for a book). All I could think of were kids toiling in sweatshops for pennies a week or farmers picking pesticide loaded cotton. I found no organic clothing or USA made items and when I asked how could communicate my concerns and interests to management, I was told to go online. Well, past experience has proven that this is the equivalent of the customer service black hole. Ironically, I almost purchased a book on display titled "The Virtuous Consumer", but couldn't bring myself to participate in this scenario of greenwashing. I clearly don't expect this retailer to switch it's product line to all organic or locally made, but my expectation was that there would a selection of these items represented, given the green themes on display in various locations in the store. Give a sista a choice! That is okay because this forces me to go online and make an investment in a green sister's organic and locally assembled clothing line, CROW. Check it out for yourself.


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