Sunday, July 13, 2008

Green Home Improvement

My home has several repair issues that need to be addressed. Gutters to be cleaned, caulking to be done, interior and exterior painting and an almost flat roof in the family room that needs repair. My initial response was that of despair as my vacation plans went down the tube, but then I realized the potential to "green up" my house. It is actually possible to use the words "excitement" and "home repairs" in the same sentence. The wet weather this summer has apparently kept the need to repair my leaky roof deep in my consciousness because I "attracted" the following information today:

1) This classified ad - "Simple Solutions Home Repair offers Green Home improvement, remodeling and repair using eco-friendly materials. We use low/no VOC stains, caulking, adhesives and more. We specialize in older homes. High quality eco-services you can rely on. Reviewed in Angies List, work guaranteed. Bonded & insured. Professional trained. Ask us about our rain barrels for your garden and lawn." (Contractors, this is your wake up call!)

2) An article about a new affordable green housing center.

3) An ad promoting an eco-friendly roofing product.

Hello! Is it in the cards for me to green up my home improvement or what?

I plan to make some phone calls this week. I will let you know how it works out.

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