Saturday, January 24, 2009

10 Ways to Eat Green

This month's issue of Bon Appetit magazine provides 50 tips for eating green, I have selected the top 10 that I like:

  1. Eat Fair-Trade Organic Chocolate - pesticide free and fair wages, working conditions for Africans (you see where my priorities lie. Chocolate!)
  2. Roast a whole chicken - less packaging, less processing, make your own stock w/the bones
  3. Buy in bulk - less packaging, much cheaper, buy quantities you want (grains, beans, nuts)
  4. Eat more veggies, grains, beans - low carbon footprint compared to meat, dairy, poultry
  5. Pack your own lunch - save money, packaging, gas
  6. Support green restaurants -
  7. Become a locavore - eat food that has been grown with 100 miles of your home
  8. Join a CSA - Community Supported Agriculture, have your farm fresh food delivered or pick up at a designated location
  9. Be your own barista - buy a french press coffee maker, buy fair-trade coffee, use a portable stainless steel mug. Ditto for tea.
  10. Scrutinize your fish - Text 30644 and enter FISH, enter name of fish you want to buy and you will get a text with details on how healthy the fish is for you and the planet

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