Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy First Anniversary Black and Into Green! Feedback Requested.

January 2, 2009, marks the first anniversary of Black and Into Green. The blog was created as I was recovering from a major surgery and illness and wanted to create something meaningful during my sick leave. I decided to share my findings in the area of environmental health and the pursuit of living a greener life with African Americans and others from around the world. It has been a blast, as a whole new world of great people and ideas has opened to me over the course of the last year. I love researching and writing posts, just wish I could squeeze in more time. I will continue to tweek Black and Into Green as I learn about the world of blogging and web design, to make it even more user friendly for searching and relevant to our daily lives. You will continue to see articles from time to time on green business, because as a banker, I just can't contain myself in that area! If you could take 30 seconds of your precious time and provide feedback, positive and negative, I would be ever so grateful. I want to make this site worth your time and a resource that you can turn to again and again and feel good about referring to your friends, family and associates.

Anyway, thank you for your support and encouragement!



Regina said...

Congratulations on your one year anniversary and thank you for opening my eyes to green living. when I first decided to live greener, I figured that I would save potato peels and throw my coffee grounds into the garden. But this blog has been so helpful. Thanks again and here's to reading on for years to come!

Quiskaeya said...

Ms Lady I there isn't a negative word that could be written about your blog. Seriously. :) I read it often, although I don't comment as much as I used too. I've learnt so much and will remain a loyal follower for a long time. You've a huge inspiration. Of course, I'd love to hear more about your "personal" green life. But that's only because I'm nosey about your personal life in general. Ha! Girl you know I don't have sense - never mind me. hehe