Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Green is the new party chic

Inaugural balls making effort to minimize impact on environment -- chicagotribune.com At last, you can now host a party in a full blown eco-friendly manner and not be considered a granola eating freak. The Green Inaugural Ball , featuring Wyclef Jean, is going to show America how to party with the planet in mind. A green recycled carpet will greet guests, soy candles will provide ambiance, party equipment will be rented, the organic food and fauna will be composted and guests will be encouraged to take low-carbon footprint transportation to the event (click here for more details). Al Gore, not to be pre-empted, will be hosting his own Green Ball on the 19th. Look for the Obama's to set the tone for the rest of America to incorporate conscious living into our daily lives. I think that many African Americans are going to learn how to "get their green on". Woo hoo!!

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