Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Very Green Week

Last week was wild, hectic and stressful as I returned to a department of one (myself). What saved my sanity was that I was able to sneak some green business events into the mix, here is a preview of what I hope to post more on this week:

  • Made some connections on Linked In through some green business groups
  • Attended a Green Computing reception, which set a goal of eliminating corporate e-waste via donating old computers to the Cleveland Municipal School District. The computers will be refurbished or recycled if not usuable with zero landfill waste.
  • Attending a presentation featuring the engaging Mr. John Viera, Ford Motor Company Director of Sustainable Business Strategies
  • Invited to join a local Green Action Circle, sponsored by the Cleveland Chapter of the US Green Building Council

Okay, gotta go get some sleep.


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