Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Favorite Chocolate: Endangered Species

Endangered Species chocolate bars are my absolute favorite. Every weekday around 3pm, I take a chocolate break and enjoy two pieces of my 3oz bar. Dark Chocolate (72%) with Cranberries and Almonds guarantees a head rush! I also feel good about buying this chocolate, because they work with a village in Ghana to ensure quality, fair wages and working conditions and sustainable farming. Anyway, if you file your taxes early, you might be able to splurge and get this special Valentines Day package which includes 24 recycled cards and 24 chocolate bars for $40. Actually that is not a bad deal, working out to $1.66 per person. You could use as treats for your kids to share with classmates or pass out to co-workers and family. I guarantee they will be hooked!! What a sweet and fun way to teach consciousness. If you want to taste one for yourself, you should be able to find in most grocery stores, natural history museum gift shops and definitely Whole Foods Market.

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