Thursday, February 19, 2009

Adidas Offers Selection of Eco Friendly Fashions, Shoes

Did you know that the sneakers or tennis shoes (as we say in Ohio) that you wear are some of the most toxic items to create? You will never want to buy another athletic shoe again after reading this article in Runners World. Guandong Province in China, where most of our sneaks are manufactured, is so polluted, that you need to a cover up with a mask to save yourself. Creating a pair of these is a 25 step process that involves a host of chemicals, dyes, plastics, fabric and rubber. There are several shoe manufacturers that are taking steps to address this issue. Adidas is introducing a new 7 step shoe that is healthier for factory workers and the environment. It also carries a nice selection of gear and shoes made from recycled materials. Click here to check out some of the items that are on sale. I personally like Adidas, because the running shoes fit me well and are very comfortable. But wait, it gets better, Adidas is launching a jazzy new line of sportswear and shoes that are exclusively eco-friendly. Checkout this article in Treehugger for photos and more info. If you live in New York, the line was unveiled on Tuesday at the new Adidas store at 108 Wooster Street.

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