Saturday, February 7, 2009

Black Bloggers Declare February "No Buy Month"

Hello readers! With all of the news about this company laying off 10,000 folks and that company eliminating 15,000 jobs, each and every month, people are starting to get serious about saving money and not buying so much stuff! Oil prices are down because people are not driving as much and are barely shopping. While this is great for the environment, it is playing havoc on our economy (which is why we need to completely revamp via the creation of a green economy-tell your senator to support the green jobs provision of the stimulus). Many bloggers this year are chronicling their journey to spending less money. A couple, including The Frugalista and Afrobella have declared February as "no buy month" (at least for non-essentials). I am impressed with The Frugalista aka Natalie McNeal's start so far, because she featured a vegetarian stir fry meal in one of her first "buy nothing" posts and has decided to fill that shopping time with workout time. Woo Hoo! It is my hope that as people monitor their spending, that they become more conscious about what they do spend, what is the impact on their mind and bodies, their communities and the lives of people that produce those items? The weak economy revealed the inherent weaknesses and flaws in our "gotta have it all now" lifestyles. Hopefully as people take these spending sabbaticals, they will realize that life goes on without having it all and they will find what they are looking for-themselves.

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