Thursday, February 19, 2009

Affordable Organic Fashions At A Retailer Near You

"The touch, the feel, of cotton. The fabric of our lives." Remember that commercial from the 90's? It made me truly believe that cotton was the purest of fabrics. I could just imagine myself flitting through a meadow with a light and airy cotton sundress. I felt so conscious when I was wearing my crispy cotton tops. That dreamy tele-prompted vision has like so many others, been exposed as fraudulent. It turns out that cotton is one of the most genetically modified, thirstiest, pesticide laden, fertilizer intensive crops on the market. There are also some concerns about child labor in the growing of this crop. The cotton industry disputes these facts of course, so to be fair, I have included a link to the official industry site. Anyway, more clothing retailers are re-thinking their cotton purchases and including more organic cotton options in their lines. The cheap chic clothing retailer H&M, is becoming a leader in this effort. This year their organic cotton selections for men and women are greater than ever and they have vowed to increase the use of organic cotton by 50% over 2008. Check out their sustainability policy regarding this fabric. This is great news as these items are finally starting to become more affordable. If H&M is out of your league, you can now find organic jeans at Wal-Mart and Kmart stores. So it is true, the dollar is mightier than the sword. Soooo people, keep putting your money where your values are. It's working!


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