Sunday, August 23, 2009

Environmental Health News And Green Tidbits

Be sure to check out the Above The Fold daily environmental health news from around the world, featured in Black and Into Green. This weekend's highlights, I found to be particularly relevant:

  • Pesticides found at dangerous to human levels in water system (use a water filter)
  • Makers of BPA, found in plastic and canned food/formula, to lead an overt and covert tobacco industry like attack to protect its tarnished reputation (cancer, heart disease, reproductive disorders). Yeah. I will take mine in glass, stainless steel or ceramic please.
  • Swine flue vaccine contains mercury and squalene - tied to lupus, multiple sclerosis
  • Landfill garbage located in low income Wilmington area, may topple into Delaware River
  • Green alternatives being developed to replace toxic pesticides. Scotts Lawn Co to be one of first to test in products. Yay! (Vinegar makes a great spot weedkiller)
  • Great Lakes fish linked to diabetes via pesticide DDE
  • Rainforests being cleared at an alarming rate to raise soybeans, primarily to feed cows in an attempt to meat the growing global demand for meat
  • Ingredient to watch - palm oil. Forests being cleared unsustainably to grow palm plants. Found in food products and soap.

Other green tidbits:

  • Use lemongrass oil or eucalyptus oil instead of DEET to ward off bugs
  • WaterSense labeled plumbing fixtures are most efficient
  • Cuisinart GreenGourmet nonstick cookware is eco-friendly and safe to use
  • Search for cool back to school accessories like jewelry, purses and belts at thrift/vintage stores
  • 30% increase in colleges going green (a whole new enlightened generation being formed)
  • Green stimulus dollars are hitting your local governments and nonprofits, stay on top of the opportunities through your government rep and
  • Eco-Mondays at Twitter are days to show some love to your fav green tweeples

That's all folks!

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