Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Thank You Readers!

I just want to personally thank all readers of Black and Into Green for your time and interest. The comments are always so timely, motivating and encouraging. I know there is so much to read out there and so little time to read it all. Tis a shame. There was a great Twilight Zone episode about a man who looooooved to read, but could never find the time for his passion. One day, after sneaking into the bank vault at work to feed his reading jones, he discovered upon his return from the vault, that the world been destroyed and he was the only person left. After getting over the initial shock, he realized as he passed the library, that he could finally spend all of his time reading.! Hallelujah! He could finally read all of the books his heart desired. However, (it is the Twilight Zone) he stumbled on his way up the library stairs and broke his reading glasses. Tragic. Sometimes, I feel like that poor readoholic.

So, anyway, I really appreciate you sharing a part of your day with me.


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