Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Oil Industry Memo Calls for Rallies Against Climate Bill

Oil Industry Memo Calls for Rallies Against Climate Bill Many of the big oil companies (you know the ones with the record breaking profits in 2008, when the rest of us were getting our behinds kicked), have decided to pursue the town hall strategy of our nations' insurers and conservative groups. Since it is becoming more apparent ever year that we need to reduce our consumption of fossil fuel, disarmed with a lack of innovation and imagination, these companies are turning to their plan B - confuse, distract and misinform the masses. Hey it seems to be working for health care reform (at least that is what is being reported); so why not climate change? They seem to be saying "Let the remaining 92% of the world's population that doesn't control much wealth starve to death, fight over water rights and lose their homes to fires, rising sea levels and hurricanes, we just need to keep making shockingly huge profits - by any means necessary."

So I post this article to prepare you for the barrage of misinformation that you may be hearing or reading about in the next month. African American communities will be targeted with the threat of the loss of employment (Hello, that happened ten years ago) and rising utility bills. I just caution you to know who is behind the information and to really think through some of the talking points. The good news is that Greenpeace is on it and ready to defend our planet, its animals and its people.

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