Monday, January 4, 2010

John Mackey and Whole Foods:

John Mackey and Whole Foods: For you Whole Foods shoppers here is a chance to learn a bit more than you want to know about its' CEO, John Mackey. He recently stepped down as chairman of the board, but remains CEO. I stopped shopping there last summer, after John Mackey's health care editorial in the Wall Street Journal was published. Much of my grocery shopping is now done at the Food Co-op, where "food is for people, not for profit". Though it is aesthetically no where close to Whole Foods Market, I can find bulk items, raw food ingredients, organic items, soaps, vitamins, green periodicals, fair trade chocolate, smoothies and fresh organic fruits and veggies. I don't get the variety, but most of my basic weekly foods needs have been met there. Some items are priced higher (if they are too much higher, I get them from the organic section of Giant Eagle), but most are on par with Whole Foods Market and other natural food store prices. I actually like shopping at the co-op, I like the hippie vibe of it all. Interested in shopping at a Food Co-op? Click here for a directory of stores in your community.

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