Monday, January 25, 2010

Lisa P. Jackson, Head of EPA Announces Top Seven Priorities

Now that Mrs. Jackson, Head of the Environmental Protection Association, has had a few months on the job to review and assess the current state of the environment in the U.S., she has announced seven key priorities for the EPA's future. Here they are:

  1. Taking action on climate change (she has already taken aggressive steps in this direction)
  2. Improving Air Quality
  3. Assuring the safety of chemicals (can you say BPA?)
  4. Cleaning up our communities (all communities)
  5. Protecting America's waters (you know, toxins from manufacturing outputs and medicines that we flush)
  6. Expanding the conversation on environmentalism and working for environmental justice (this mission of this blog)
  7. Building strong state and tribal partnerships (collaboration is key)
Click here if you want additional details.

Sounds like a great top seven. I'm in!

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