Saturday, January 16, 2010

Timberland/Yele Launches Bootwear Collection To Benefit Haiti Environment

Strap on your Tims and give Haiti a helping hand. In November, Timberland and Wyclef Jean's foundation, Yele Haiti launched a partnership as part of Earthkeepers 2009. Timberland introduced a collection of t-shirts and 16 eco-conscious boots, made from recycled and organic materials. Two dollars will be donated to Yele for the purpose of rebuilding Haiti's de-forested environment. Deforestation was becoming a problem in Haiti, as poor citizens were using the trees to make charcoal for fuel. Deforestation causes many latent environmental problems, including, increase in carbon emissions, erosion of soil, loss of wildlife and the balance it brings, increased temperatures and vulnerability to hurricanes. So this was a huge need in November, you can imagine the depth and breadth of the need in the wake of the earthquake, which is why funds are being reallocated towards the relief efforts. Click here to view photos from the launch party.

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