Sunday, January 10, 2010

Scenes From The Winter Garden

In the last few years, I have gradually added plants and structures that add winter interest to the garden. Photo 1) Annabelle Hydrangea looks great all year. The crunchy flowers seen here are great for fall dried flower bouquets and Christmas tree ornaments. Photo 2) Here in the side garden, my arbor, tossed about by the wind for the second time. If you use your imagination, you can see how nice it would have looked behind the sunflower stalks and rustic vase. The two round objects are frozen pumpkins. I'm adding another arbor in the front garden this spring, it will support native trumpet vine and grapes. Photo 3) In moderate weather, birds love to bathe and cats love to drink out of this birdbath. I keep it up in the winter for its shapely structure and reminder of the spring to come. Photo 4) Minature boxwoods. They add a bit of height in the winter and spring to my front border garden. Completely disappear in the summer and fall behind blooming plants. Photo 5) This is the weeping native redbud that sits on my tree lawn. In the spring it is covered with pink blossoms, and later fills out with large heart-shaped leaves. It will grow to about 10 feet. The crooked branches provide winter appeal.


Flowers said...

Nice blog. Enjoyed the tour to your winter garden. Keep on posting some more blogs like this :)

GLORIA said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the winter garden tour. I enjoyed photographing it for my readers. I will continue to look for other winter garden photo ops!



mack said...

This is fascinating.
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