Tuesday, May 18, 2010

First Quarter Results: 2010 Green Goals

Hanging tomato plants for the curbside garden and a blackberry vine for the front yard arbor.How cool, sexy and fem is this dress?$30.My Indian inspired sundress. $20.70's vintage. $15. Very retro with a pair of jeans. Ties in the back.

We financial types like to evaluate quarterly results, so I thought I would evaluate my performance to date on my 2010 Green Goals. So here you go:

1) Take the bus to work one day a week: Not quite. Maybe warmer weather will make this a reality
2) 20% of clothing thrift or consignment, 20% organic or fair trade: Yes and it has been fun and rewarding experience. See photos. The jacket is 70's vintage. How cool is that? $15 baby! Who said green isn't affordable?
3) Obtain LEED accreditation: Not yet, probably in the fourth quarter.
4) Green renovation of the bathroom: Competing priorities for funds, but a low VOC paint job is very doable as well as the low flow shower fixture
5) Take advantage of tax credits for Energy Star appliance purchase: Third quarter.
6) Apply permaculture principles in the garden: Yes, mixing edibles in with the decorative plantings. Tomatoes, brocoli, blackberries, arugula, sunflowers and purchasing a cold tolerant fig tree.
7) Host green events: Yes. Included a green business panel into the programming for the Women's Trade Summit I co-chaired and will do a garden party in June.
8) Promote Power of Place Based Education principals. Yes. Shared this info with my Green Schools Action Circle.
9) Act as a Green Coach to an African American business: Working on it! Your referrals are welcome.
10) Make five green business presentations: Getting there. Counting the panel discussion as one, upcoming workshop at an AME women's retreat in June, and a health event in August

So there you have my accounting and progress report on my efforts to live healthier for myself and the planet and to spread the word. How are you doing with your 2010 Green Goals? What are your challenges? What have you been blessed with?


ElleX said...

Your plants are looking great! Cute clothes!

GLORIA said...

Thanks ElleX! I am posting some more garden photos tonight.