Monday, May 31, 2010

This Week In The Mid-Spring Garden

A Gulf Coast shrimper stated that this time of the year his body gets the urge to go out into the gulf and catch shrimp. I can completely relate, as each spring I feel an incredible urge to get out into the garden and plant it up! I can't help myself, really. Gardening at any cost is how I feel sometimes. God put it in me and I'm going with it, since only adds value. Anyway, here is what we have in the May garden in Cleveland this time of the year. 1 and 2) Petunias had an amazing sweet and spicy fragrance to the garden and a punch of color 3) Dianthus or Pinks are fragrant and drought tolerant, so I added them to my newest curbside garden 4-7) Bearded irises are tough, fragrant, drought tolerant and have interesting foilage, these are in a curbside bed 8) A gorgeous butterfly ornament that I picked up at a wonderful N. High Street garden center in Columbus, I have a smaller yellow and pink one too 9-10) Peonies, tough and flamboyant beauties 11) Succulents, Hens and Chicks, Sedum, daylillies and a Leo the Lion remnant from a broken pot 12) Allium, an ornamental onion that animals won't eat and that retain their form after the purple flowers dry out 13) My newest bearded iris beatuy, smells awesome, placed in the new curbside bed 14) Another peony (it's hard to kill these tough beauties-not that I'm trying) 15) Another hanging basket - the name escapes me now, but it is also fragrant and butterflies love it, those are two allium next to it 16) A fig tree for the curbside garden