Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Women's Health Conference: Videos Of The Speakers and Panel Discussions

I have been meaning for the longest time to provide you with a recap of the Women's Health Conference that I blogged live from last month, but with the Women's Economic Development Summit and family stuff, haven't found the time. But guess what? You can view or listen to the conference with a few clicks.If you don't have time to listen or view any other parts of the conference,  you have got to listen to, Lisa P. Jackson of the EPA,  Beverly Wright Phd,Will Allen of Growing Power (he will inspire you and blow you AWAY) and the authors of "Slow Death By Rubber Duck" speak. Teresa Heinz also gives a powerful testimonial of her breast cancer story and our Surgeon General also has an interesting background. All of the speakers were great, so try to listen to them all if possible. Let the journey begin......here

My quick recap:

  • Know what you are putting onto and into your bodies - read labels and question ingredients
  • Women control these important purchasing decisions
  • Use unscented products (cosmetics, cleaners, sprays, etc) or if scented only with essential oils
  • EPA needs your help to update its authority over chemicals - only regulates five
  • Why are some toothpaste manufacturers using the controversial anti-bacterial Triclosan in the toothpaste?
  • A health diet of clean fruits and vegetables can dilute the effects of chemicals
  • Indoor air pollution from chemicals found everywhere in our homes are more dangerous than outdoor pollution
  • If you use canned foods, you are probably exposing yourself to the synthetic estrogen, BPA
  • EDEN foods do not use BPA in their canned products
  • One person can create powerful changes
  • We need to raise our concerns with our political representatives
  • Buy local, use organic whenever possible

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