Sunday, April 27, 2008

Coming Soon: The Mutha of all Green Event Calendars

Are you planning a green event and want to put everyone on notice? A new green calendar event service is being developed by Envirovents that will put your green activity on the map in a big way. Conversely, it will help you seek out with greater acuity, green events and like minded souls in your area. Some of the many features of the service promises to provide include:

  • Integration with other internet calendars
  • Promotion across social networking sites
  • Sponsorship of your green event
  • Cell phone integration
  • Online event registration
  • Maps, weather service, traffic reports
  • Widgets and RSS feeds to promote your event
  • Green event planning assistance

This green mothership of calendars was supposed to launch on Earth Day, but has apparently experienced some delays. That's okay, even NASA doesn't always take off on schedule. I'm sure this calendar will be worth the wait.

Big thanks to the reader that informed me of this upcoming service!

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Ana said...

Oh! I'm off to see what this is all about now!