Saturday, April 26, 2008

Green Grocery Shopping in Action

Hey! I'm back from Whole Paycheck (Whole Foods). My goal on this trip was to make more eco-conscious food choices. Shopping responsibly wasn't as difficult imagined. Here is what I did well:

  • Purchased organic and fair trade items
  • Bought from the bulk vs. canned and prepackaged beans/grains (need to bring my own container next time to avoid using plastic bags)
  • Put fruit and veggies directly in the canvas bag vs using plastic bags
  • Opted for fruit and beverages that came primarily from Ohio and nearby states
  • Purchased items to make my own vegetarian Greek burgers vs prepackaged soy burger
  • Picked up lots of fruits, veggies and high fiber grains and legumes
  • Bought some Banana Fudge Rice Dream frozen dessert to satisfy my sweet urges
  • Packed it all up in reusable bags

Here are my not so eco-friendly choices:

  • Picked up two packages of cookies and Ben and Jerrys Cookies and Dream ice cream for my sweet toothed son
  • Got some sweet juicy organic Gala apples from Chile although I bought some from the state of Washington as well (apples have cancer fighting properties)
  • Bought several chicken and turkey items as well as cheese (flesh demanding teenager to blame - although I will be grubbing right with him for now)

Hey nobody's perfect, but we can certainly strive to get better every day.


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Ana said...

LOL @ Whole Paycheck! No lie! I just went there today and darn near spent savings bond-worth of food! Hey, but like you said every bit counts and I'm not mad. :)

btw - i love local harvest. that is where i found our local organic markets and csa.