Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Green Organizing Tip: Reusable Bags

Living a life of reusing and recycling can take its toll on household neatness if you are not also reducing. I found this post from Unclutterer on Reusable Bags that extols the virtues and clutter free appeal of replacing plastic bags from the store with reusable bags. There are several suggestions for very cool looking bags, including Baggu which I have available on this site. But hardcore reducers or those of you just trying to save money in this tight economy, consider the alternatives to buying reusable bags as suggested in the comment section of the post.

  • Keep reusing the plastic bags that you get from the store until they fall apart, they are also tiny enough to keep in your purse or pocket for light trips to the store
  • Look for quality canvas bags at a thrift store like Goodwill or the Salvation Army
  • Go "shopping" in your closets and cabinets for various canvas bags that you already own

As for organizing my reuseable bags, I just keep most of them in my trunk, folded (aka stuffed) inside the biggest bag. I keep one in the front seat of the car as a reminder to take one with me when I go to the store. Sometimes I still forget the bag, so I think keeping an old plastic bag or a Baggu in my purse as a backup is something I will implement.

I know one thing, my pantry is a lot neater without all of those plastic bags cluttering up the place!

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Rejin L said...

Thanks for the suggestion of looking for tote bags at thrift stores, or using what you already have. There are so many bags already in circulation (like freebies from conferences), people shouldn't feel this is one more thing they'd have to buy to "go green."