Friday, April 11, 2008

Green Your Career: Interview with Career Coach

If you are tired of sitting on the sidelines of the green economy and want to be a player instead, listen to this Get Unstuck interview of Deshannee' Johnice, for tips on being in the starting lineup of a successful green career. She is the author of "Everybody Else's Guide to Green and Socially Responsible Careers". Ms. Johnice is an experienced human resources professional who has coached everyone from college students to Fortune 100 executives. The interview focuses on career change in general, with topics from the book covered near the end. Listen to the entire interview, because the tips provided are still valuable in helping you to "upgreen" your career. Ms. Johnice uses this term in reference to not having to chuck your existing skill set and experience and start over, but using your knowledge and converting it to a greener career.

See the "Currently Reading" section of Black and Into Green, for a link to "Everybody Else's Guide to Green and Socially Responsible Careers". You can also download the book here.

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