Saturday, April 12, 2008

Recycle Your Old Running Shoes

It is that time of the year for me again. Time to take on the great outdoors, hope for low smog levels and pound the pavement. This spring I am experiencing a bit of soreness in my hip flexor after my runs. I decided to blame the problem on my running shoes and not my age (smooth). My podiatrist and several other sources stress the importance of changing your sneakers every 300-400 miles. Deciding that I have more than enough sneakers that have been reincarnated into gardening clogs, I wondered about recycling options. There are many organizations around the world that are accepting your old shoes and using them to create sport surfaces for communities. Most of them require you to call or email for more information. The most prominently marketed program is operated by Nike, click here for a map of their shoe drop off locations. Unfortunately, there are no drop off locations in Ohio, so I have to do a bit more sleuthing.


Ana said...


You are on a roll! I have a post I do a few times a month called "Blog Safari". Basically, it highlights some cool posts that I've come across in blog hopping. It's a way to extend linky love and expose some of the site that i really enjoy. i would like to feature a few of your posts if you do not mind.

ONNO said...

Thanks for the information. I try to recycle everything I can and didn't realize there were services for recycling running shoes. Any other tips you have for recycling household items?

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