Thursday, May 22, 2008

Big Green Things Poppin' in Cleveland, Ohio

Today was a pretty long but exciting day at work. Due to the nature of my work, discretion is needed, but I'll just say that the windmills and alternative energy solutions are getting some major play in Cleveland, Ohio. I had the pleasure this evening to speak to a major player in the world of architecture at a wonderful event for a non-profit and found that LEED projects are increasingly becoming an exciting, creative and significant part of his business. It is completely exhilarating to find excitement about energy conservation in the most unlikely places. Big green things are poppin' not only in Cleveland, but all over the nation. Do you want to ride the wave of sustainability? How cool would it be to tell your children and grandchildren that you took part in the development and growth of a cleaner, more conscious way of doing business, you turned old selfish business models on their heads and made it possible for them to live in safer, healthier world? This weekend, I will feature a post on money making opportunities that are presenting themselves in the green economy. Black and Into Green will continue to profile African American men and women who are making strides in this area.

For more information about the positive green energy that is rising in Cleveland, Ohio, check out this article from Grist, which features rust belt cities that are trying to turn the corner. Be sure to read the comments for a more balanced view of the story.


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