Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Show Me The Money! Green Dollars for Non-Profits

Since the post last week on green funding for non-profits, I have become aware of two organizations that have gotten grant money for environmental programming. Only one of these organizations has an environmental mission and it is the smaller and less established of the two. I hope to share more about it in a future post. If you are an environmental artist, a teacher, a youth worker, a gardener/landscaper/farmer, a healthcare worker, a contractor or if you possess some other skill that can be used to promote sustainability, there might be an opportunity for you to partner with a non-profit to generate green dollars. Through my attendance at a few meetings and symposiums recently, I'm finding that cities and states are looking to invest significantly in sustainability initiatives to drive economic development and energy cost reductions. I'm telling you, funders, both public and private, are looking for green funding opportunities. Please don't just sit by this door of opportunity waiting to be invited in, kick it wide open!

As my grandma used to say when I was younger "Don't be too poor to pay attention".

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Ana said...

Word! Your grandma was a smart lady!