Monday, May 26, 2008

Representing at the Memorial Day Parade

This morning I marched with our community recycling committee at the Memorial Day Parade. I almost didn't go because it was threatening to rain and I just spent an hour the night before grooming my hair with new products, and it was looking right! The other sister that is on the committee and I were debating if we should go because, generally, our people don't want to be walking around in bad weather and sisters don't want to mess up their hair needlessly. But, the Lord had other plans for us and we went anyway toting an umbrella and hats as a backup. Turned out to be a beautiful sunny, breezy day and our committee, now a diverse group of women, men and people of color marched and passed out goodies and Freecycle flyers. Our banner promoted the Three R's of Environmentalism "Reduce, Reuse and Recycle". We were welcomed by the crowd and often heard proud shouts from the crowd of "I recycle!" The children were especially responsive. I guess they intuitively know that they have the most at risk if we don't live consciously.

So now, I'm back home, getting ready to make some potato salad and other goodies and then work on the two posts that I promised for the weekend on cheap green graduate gifts and the black and green economy.

My prayers to the families with soldiers at war, fallen soldiers and to the veterans everywhere.

God Bless.

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Ana said...

Girl you are alright by me!! Seriously, I wanna be you in my own skin! lol I'm gonna email you later cause we needs to chitty-chat about somethings on this end. Been busy with Lil Man and the surgery so I couldn't before.

Girl I know your hair was looking FIERCE and you weren't trying to get it wet!