Monday, May 26, 2008

Cosmetics Companies Going Green

The cosmetics industry has heard your concerns about personal care product safety and is looking to clean up its act. Fueled by increasing demand from consumers for trustworthy products and environmental groups like Safe Cosmetics, more manufacturers of skin and hair care products are cleaning up their act. Even chemical companies that develop ingredients for these products are looking for alternative and more natural processes. I remember a few months ago walking the aisles of CVS pharmacy looking for chemical free grooming items and being shocked at only finding a single display case of products that had ingredients I could pronounce (Burts Bees). Now, even CVS is looking at a policy to re-evaluate its personal care lines and sell only those with ingredients that have not been known to harm humans (although there is a lot of flexibility with that policy- many of these chemicals have not been fully tested). Read this article for more information on this trend.

So the good news is that one person, YOU, can get the attention of big industry. So keep on doing the right thing, educate your family, friends and co-workers and you will attract good things and a better world for us all.

Green dollars rule!

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